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Ocana Law’s immigration practice is marked by two qualities: experience and commitment. Our immigration law office is practiced in handling all aspects of the admission process; we know how to solve problems and smooth your way to becoming a new Canadian.

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Relocating to a foreign country is an extraordinary, brave journey. Leaving everything you know is difficult and stressful enough without the challenges and technicalities of the immigration process. We offer our expertise with a complete range of legal services related to immigration.
Our goal is to assist you with your immigration solutions in a manner which is most beneficial to your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with client from within Canada and around the world.  Our clients are sometimes families seeking reunification in Canada; skilled workers wishing to relocate to Canada. We also work with Employers wanting to support a foreign worker into Permanent Residency.
What is your turn around time?
Generally speaking, from the time that we start working with our clients to the time of submitting the application it is 4 weeks.  However, this is dependent upon how quickly a client is able to provide our office with the necessary information.  It should be noted that we have no control of the processing time once the application is submitted.
How can I immigrate to Canada?
In order to immigrate to Canada, you must first find a qualifying immigration stream.  Once the immigration stream is determined then the application process begins. We can certainly assist in determining your best immigration stream.
What would prevent me from immigrating to Canada?
While Canada is welcoming to immigrants, there are some  barriers to immigrating; one could be a past criminal conviction.  Another barrier could be related to a serious medical condition.  I either of these apply to your personal circumstances, we would recommend that you contact our office to discuss what, if any, options may be available to you.
I married a Canadian, does that make me a Canadian?
No, in order to become a Canadian, you must first apply for Permanent Residency, once you have secured your Permanent Residency, then you can work towards Canadian Citizenship.
Do I need a Study Permit to Study in Canada?
Yes, if the program that you wish to take is longer than six (6) months then a Study Permit is required.
Sandra and her team provided me and my partner with excellent advice and impeccable service. With her extensive knowledge and expert help we were able to prepare and submit a comprehensive permanent residence application that best suited my particular situation. Warren S

Sandra Hakanson provided me with excellent professional services, managing the legal process from Permanent Residency to Citizenship. I highly recommend her and her staff.

Leah W

Moving to Canada, is one of the best decisions I’ve made ever…. Hiring Sandra is the smartest decision I’ve ever made! She made sure that our Immigration experience was stress-free and enjoyable… The Jensen Family

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